Sunday, January 29, 2012

"Peter And The Demon" Ch. 19 thru 25

Chapter 19 - Gone, Gone, Dilly Is Gone
Chapter 20 - Gunshots
Chapter 21 - Of Masks And Straight Jackets
Chapter 22 - The New Room
Chapter 23 - Preparations
Chapter 24 - The Hardest Thing Of All
Chapter 25 - "A Vewy Big Rat"

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Rai said...

Aww, I didn't think it was possible but Beth was actually cute in the last chapter. "You're going to kill the rat?!"

And I really wish Peter and GF would have spent a little more time on their story. That was so incredibly unbelievable I thought Melissa was going to say no.

Cat said...

Hahah awesome! "There might have been a raccoon involved, too" - priceless! Some of Dill's stories don't seem quite so stupid now...

Typo: "dragging the bed into the air behind hit." Chapter 22. I think "hit" should be either "him" or "it".

Darren said...

Rai -
Beth is VERY concerned about the rat.

Whaaaaaaa? That story was TOTALLY believable.


Cat -
See? Cat knows the story's believable! Now -

Hey, wait...what does that mean about Dill's stories being 'stupid'? Is that like 'phat' or 'wicked' or 'bad' and whatever else teh kidz are saying today?

(At a reading, some little girl came up and said, "That was beast." Meaning 'cool.' Until now, I had no idea if she made it up or not, but according to Urban Dictionary, she should not have been saying that. Naughty, naughty.)

By the way, thanks about the typo! That's just my totally 'stupid'/'phat'/'beast' way of combining 'him' and 'it.'

Anonymous said...

Er, these other comments belong to a different book, don't they? Did something happen?

Anyway, typo: "There were thick and squishy" should be they in chapter 22.

Darren said...

Hey Anon,

Thanks for the typo!

Did you get all the pages? The 'comments from another book' - do you mean the ones about the rat?

Rubberduck said...

>Leave for 3 weeks
>Come back to 10 chapters

I agree that signalling that there was going to be a demon at some point may have been a tactical error...

...on the other hand, I didn't expect it to be so, well, evil. It doesn't mess around, does it? Points for managing to surprise me, and others, I'm sure, when we knew full well what was going to happen!

So now Dill has a demon in his head, a 'dark side', if you will...we just need to get Dark Peter to bully Snot into submission. (Still haven't forgotten about him, and he did say he'd be back...)

For what it's worth though, my guess for how this will go down is that Dill will get rid of Snot himself, either by denying that Snot is his friend and welcome in his head, or (my hope) by not wanting to talk about him so much that Snot becomes nothing more than a self-expunged memory.

Awesome job on building the drama throughout the books, Darren! Did you see things getting this heavy right from the start?

Upplesse = When it's all downhill from here.

Darren said...

Hey, RB!

Missed your comments!

Snot is rather nasty, isn't he?

He gets worse.

Hmmmmm...we have the first set of predictions! Any takers?

It's interesting that you bring up the darkness side. The very first story I wrote was VAMPIRES (yup, DEAD MEN came after - I wanted to jump right in rather than do the origin story first). In the original plan, Mercy didn't come back after Peter stabbed her. She stayed dead.

Which, once I got to that point...I couldn't do it. I couldn't do that to my main character. I knew he wouldn't be able to walk away from it without being irrevocably scarred, and I couldn't do that to him. Not right out of the gate.

I knew that things would get darker over time. I mean, it's strange...I catch myself thinking, "Man, it hasn't been that dark so far," until you realize we've dealt with serial child murderers (or their supernatural equivalent, anyway) in CARNIVAL, random and pointless killings in BOOGEYMEN, corpse mutilation in FRANKENSTEIN, some pretty graphic gore in's gotten reaaalllly dark at points. But I guess I'm just used to those stories, or there's a protective sheen on them because of some technicality or other. Like in the case of CARNIVAL, since they 'just' stole the kids' souls and didn't outright kill them. Somehow I keep writing the majority of them off as 'not that dark.'

But with every new story that pushes the line, I start wondering, "Is this the one? Is this the one where I lose the audience?"

Anyway, I'm interested to see what everybody's take on this story is.

I think it's going to be controversial. I don't know for sure, but I'd put some money on it.

The craziest part is...there's even darker days ahead. Not for about 10 stories, but man...phew. It's gonna get rough.

But first we get a monkey rodeo in the next story, so, y''s all good.

And I exchanged emails with a reader who read Stephen King's IT when she was 10 years old. As Christopher Walken would say - "That's - that's CRAAA-zyyyy!"

(You gotta say it the way he says it. Dill would do a killer Christopher Walken impression.)

Anyway, glad to have you back!