Sunday, January 3, 2010

"Peter And The Small Ones" Page 1


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KingTwelveSixteen said...


Fiona said...

Poor baker.
This one sounds grim.

Rubberduck said...

Yikes, death by suffocation? That's a little...hardcore, don't you think?

But I definitely like the 'camera' moving away from Peter - is this the first time it's happened, discounting flashbacks (which are someone else telling Peter their story anyway)?

Also, I read Dill's first line and thought, "Hurrah, Gwen's coming back." That or a masterful bait-and switch.

Retamens = the only cure after a night out on the old Gruness. Guaranteed to get you on your feet and shambling around with the best of them!

Cat said...

Argh, evil Gingerbread Men was my first thought too! (Which probably means it isn't. Hmm, maybe elves, like in "The Elves and the Shoemaker", only these are sort of reverse, evil elves? lol)

Oh Peter and Dill, don't you realise the stuff they teach you in school is leading up to learning all the useful stuff? I bet Dr Veedermeier knows all about different kinds of precipitation!

Eldoran said...

Rubberduck, "Peter And The Swamp Monster" started with the first victim too.

As for the monsters - my guesses were similar to Cat's. There is a similarity to the mannequins story too. Right now there are too many possibilities to really narrow it down.

Rai said...

Which President was on Sesame Street?

Oh and my first impression was killer gingerbread men too. Haha.

Alex said...

Grover (Cleveland)

Irets: when you are upset about saying something accidentally.

Darren said...

Timothy -
Hahahahahahaha! Welcome, by the way!

Fiona -
It's a baaaad way to go.

Rubberduck -
Yeah, it's kind of dark...although kids getting eaten by swamp monsters was kind of grim, too...

Eldoran's right, we did it in SWAMP MONSTER, too. (And we'll be doing it again at the end of this story, incidentally...)

Gwen? GWEN! Oh, man, I forgot about Gwen...

Cat -
You people and your gingerbread men fixation...

Eldoran -

Rai -
Ditto ditto.

Alex -
Good one, Alex! You win the prize for today:

A gingerbread man!

Contact Timothy, Cat, Eldoran, and Rai to collect your prize!

Kelly said...

Haha, Cat, I had the same idea-the Elves and Shoemaker only in reverse idea, I mean.

Unknown said...

And here I was thinking Roosevelt Franklin.

Nigel said...

Run, run, run, as fast as you can!
You can't get away, we're the gingerbread men!