Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Peter And The Dark Side" Page 1 and 2


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AnakMoon said...

Aww does Gwenny have a crush?

Yes it was Lost, the other was supposed to be referencing Wanted.

wv- squitie - the word used to describe the little squirts between Peter's toes in his wet shoe

Rai said...

I don't know about the crush so much as the "I don't want to risk getting lycanthropy." It could be a crush though, I don't know. :)

Poor Peter though. When I was in fourth grade we never got pop quizzes. :(

Rubberduck said...

This! Is! Apple saaaauuuuuuuce!

Ski trip? Will there be a 'Peter and the Yetis' in the near future? Peter and the Frost Giants? Peter and the Snowball Fight That Got A Bit Out Of Hand, Seriously You Guys, Stop?

Peter, you will miss school dinners when you go to college and have to start making them yourself. Unless you make burgers.

Astsh = The sensation of a sneeze that never arrives. Originally from Orcish.

daymon34 said...

Poor Peter, just one of those days you should have stayed in bed it seems. Nice of Gwen to offer, though after a couple of hours Peter might wish he didn't eat the unknown stuff.

Almost the holidays, evil Elfs maybe...

Darren said...

AnakMoon -
Ah, yes, WANTED. I saw that...

Rai -
Yes, Lycanthropy is the new mono.

Rubberduck -
I would TOTALLY go see that band.

And as for your titles...hmmmm...

daymon34 -
Evil ELFS! DANG, THAT'S AWESOME! I had something else planned using small fairie folk, but my parents have this little green elf as a Christmas ornament, kind of like the Elf on the Shelf (which I thought was super creepy, like Big Brother in a small package). It would be AWESOME to have a bunch of little Dark Elves spoil Christmas...

We'll see.

Unknown said...

"Peter, you will miss school dinners when you go to college and have to start making them yourself."

Nothing in life has ever made me miss my elementary school cafeteria food. It was cold and covered with flies.